My journey to America

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Feb 27, 2012 01:30
Day 2
And finally, I landed the American continent. It was warmer than I thought.
I wore my thick outer jacket. But it isn't be needed anymore.
I left the airport and got on the taxi to Union station.
I boarded the train bound for Santa Fe station.
Over 3 hours, I was on the train but almost of it I was sleeping.
In the train, I was surprised that there are water servers each car for free.
I arrived at the station and went to the hotel near the sea.
The hotel is small but good. I can use Wi-Hi spot and pool anytime.
The room is so clean and neat. I watched the TV show, but I couldn't understand it because of speaker's fast English.
I left my luggage, and went out for dinner.
Today's dinner was Italian!! Santa Fe is famous for Mexican dish but it would be next dinner maybe tomorrow.
After dinner, I went around near the hotel and went gift shops.
Almost of all shops are Mexican shops.
And I returned to the hotel, went to bed.....

Thank you!
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