My journey to America

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Feb 26, 2012 04:51
Day 1
Today, I'm going to Los Angeles for study tour of veterinary science.
Now I'm at the airport in Osaka. I'm waiting for the plane bound for LA.
In this tour, I'll go and see zoos in LA and San Diego.
I'm really looking forward it.
I heard that zoos in America are much bigger than them in Japan.
And I also heard LA is dangerous to go around outside at midnight. So I'll stay still at the hotel at night.
Now in the plane, I'm listening to the music, Lady GaGa, Green Day, etc....
It's 8 a.m. In LA but, my body time is now 1 p.m. So I'm very sleepy.
And I'm so hungry. I want to eat big beef in LA!!
What I want to do first in America is to sleep, hahaha, that's joke, is to go shopping of course !
I want to buy brand clothes ex, Diesel, Armani, Ck.
I'm also going to Hollywood! It's a root of Hollywood stars! I love Hollywood movies.
Can I see a Hollywood star? I'll be looking for them.

Thank you.
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