3 / February Sleeping is important

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Feb 3, 2012 19:57
I waked up just now from deep sleep at p.m.7(Japanese time).
5 hours I was sleeping for!!
I had so a big nap, rather I should say a night's sleep.
Because I didn't sleep at last nigt.
What do you think where I was sleeping at?
The answer is the network room at my university:D
I rearrangeed the chairs of pc in a row and laid my body over it.
It was like a bed, but other people would think it's a strange view!
I didn't care of others because of deep sleepiness.
Now I'm still at the network room where 2 people except me are in and be so quiet.
If there was a sleeping room at university, It would be so usefull!!

Thank you!!
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