Flying Lotusのコンサート

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Oct 21, 2014 09:33 音楽 コンサートj
先週Flying Lotusのコンサートに行きました。「Flylo」という人はヒップホップやジャズアーティストが独自なスタイルを知れ渡る。履歴のはじまるときは、夜ごとアメリカのアニメ「adult swim」という番組の間で バムパーの音楽を作りました。

「You're Dead!」新しいアルバムがすごく厳か、勢力を交えてがいい。下にきいてくれ:


Last week I went to see Flying Lotus. "Flylo" as he is call, is a hip hop and jazz musician known for his original style. He began his career by doing bumpers for TV in between anime shown at night.

His new album, "You're Dead!" is great and mixes his particular strengths well. Listen below:


And here are some pictures from the show.

I will post a video of the show later. Thanks!
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