Visit to Cangas

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Jun 3, 2012 00:12
The aim of this report is to give suggestions to a group of young foreign students on how best to spend their day in Cangas.

This town is near to the sea, so the pupils can start the afternoon on the beach. Somebody perhaps want sunbathe and swimming in the sea. But for those who prefer doing exercise, they can choose from several maritime activities, for example, sailing or windsurf, all at bargain prices.

After a funny afternoon on the beach, the group can go shopping. Although Cangas is a little town, it has some places where you can buy clothes or souvenirs with special offers to students. And finally, you can go to dinner in one of the many restaurants that there are here. I recommend you "Casa Manuel", because it has a very good value for money.

Although you only stay in Cangas for a day, I hope you enjoy a lot here.