The computer has greatly improved our lives today

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May 26, 2012 02:28
It is a fact that computers has changed our lifestyle. Nowadays, it would be impossible to coincive the society without them. But, like all, computers has some disadvantages too.

On the positive side, due to computers, our scientific development has improved very much during the last years. They are integrated in all the facets of our lives. Another advantage is related with the education. Nowadays, with Internet, everybody can access to a lot of information, and it is very useful in the schools.

On the negative side, lately it has been observed that some people, specially teenagers, are addict to computers, concretly to the social networks. Parents must watch out with this and control the time that their childs past in the computer.

In conclusion, computers can be a great tool that mekes us the life easier, but we have to take care and not pass too many time with them.