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Jan 29, 2012 03:02
Wow! This is my first writing here! But I'm not sure what I should write....lol
So just introduce myself roughly =)

I'm a university student in Japan and studying both English and Korea atm. (My major is actually education though!) I like talking with people from different countries so I also like to learn non native languages. It's not easy stuff though =(
I was in Australia last year, actually until last week and just got back to Japan! That was really wonderful experience and good stimulation for me. It made me aware of the importance of how I should be a global person.
I will continue to study English and try to learn Korean! The reason is just I like a Korean guy who is a singer of the band 'FT Island'. I reckon most Japanese girls know them...lol

Anyway, thanks for reading it and hope you'll give me some response or comment to me! =D