eating lightly for good luck

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May 28, 2012 11:45
The other day, I searched the good luck method for hit of the public lottery.

Then, I found the "eating lightly for good luck" was originated by Nanboku Mizuno.

Nanboku Mizuno was born in 1760 and a great master of physiognomy, and he said "The secret of better luck is in eating".

Even if the person with little quantity of a meal is an evil physiognomy, they becomes rich and leaves property and honor for posterity.
Seemingly alcohol and meal will be enjoyed even if there is good physiognomy, and those who do not make an effort at their main occupation will not have a success.

I stopped reading this and eating snack for the time being.

Although I read the book which wrote the life of the Nanboku Mizuno, his life was very interesting at ups and downs.

I'm going to read other books.