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May 24, 2012 11:08
Recently I am got up by my cat early morning.

When I turned on the TV, the English conversation program of Anime was broadcast.

The title is "Hello! mainichi kaasan" and it's the English conversation program version of the popular comic "mainichi kaasan".

The program is five minutes program for kids, It's broadcasting to Friday from Monday.

Today's chunk is "Let it go".

The family scramble for the crabmeat, so the phrase of "Let it go" comes back.

There is this program's iPad app, so I can review the program.

The content is comedy and funny, I'd like to watch continuously.





今日のCHUNKは「Let it go.」でした。

家族でカニを取り合いになって「Let it go.」と言うフレーズが出てきます。

この番組の iPadアプリがあったので、復習することが出来ます。