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May 8, 2012 11:10
If you are at table, please read after eating.

I went to the English cafe after work.

There was a "karinto" of Japanese snack, and It became the talk that looks like feces.

Then, In the United States, I heard that pee is called "number one" and feces is called "number two".

In Japan, People say feces is called "大 = big" and pee is called "小 = small".

There are many ways of saying, it of English and Japanese is the same.




そしてアメリカでは、おしっこの事を「number one」うんこの事を「number two」と言うと聞きました。

日本ではうんこの事を「大 = big」おしっこの事を「小 = small」と言います。