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Apr 4, 2012 11:41
The program of about TED started on Japanese TV.

It's a linguistic educational program which studies a presentation and English.

I like TED, I was looking forward to the program.

There was first broadcast on Monday, "Matt Cutts: Try something new" was broadcast.

He's presentation is decided to follow in the footsteps of Morgan Spurlock, and try something new for 30 days.

For exsample, He gave up sugar, ride a bicycle, hiking up Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Then, He said "I learned that when I made small, sustainable changes, things I could keep doing, they were more likely to stick."

I'd like to try an English hearing for 30 days.



月曜に第一回の放送があり、"Matt Cutts: Try something new" をやっていました。



そして彼は、「小さな持続可能な変化であれば 続けられることをするなら それは身につくということです」と言っています。

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