Love in the past

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Feb 2, 2012 01:23
I have to say,love is very important for me.From primary School to high School a boy was covered in my hert.Sometimes not only one boy made me enjoy myself.
That is right,i liked the boy in my heart.But after a long time ,i fand that,my favourite boy was only one in primary School ,middel School and high School.Certainly,love in high School was engraved on my heart.With growing up ,one desire became more strongly in my heart.That is,i expected to get his confirmation.Let me say some about it.
At that time,i could not get on well with my schoolmates.So they did not like me.I thought ,he also.Then he refused me.I could understand him.The decision made my heart painful.He hurted me deeply.I am a foolish girl.I had loved him for three yers.So i have to say,what a pity in my life.