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Mar 4, 2012 15:41

It's been a long time since I write a last diary...

It's no good, so I'd like to write here four times a week from today !!

I went to the white plaines today to take pictures with my boyfriend.

It was suppose to be rainy, but it's sunny today :)

The white plaines was beautiful and the second most exclusive residential district in NY.

When my boyfriend and me came here once before, the town become our favorite okace.

We like here !

First, we went to a food coat to eat something.

We went to Jaoanese restaurant and ate a avocado salada.

I like avicadis, but the salada was bad...

My boyfriend ate a teriyaki chicen !

He doesn't like to eat vegetables, but meat do.

He almost eat meat, when we eat together...

I can't understand......!

I like to eat everything food.

Then, we went to some shopping centers and took some pictures.

I bought an apron, photo frame and printed out some pictures.

This made up us to happy, because we didn't have it.

We were tired to walk a long distance, so we rested in Dunkin dunuts.

I wanted to eat dunuts, but I ate big lunch.

So, I couldn' eat them......

When we come back to our house, we saw a beautiful sun set.

We took the picture of the sun set.

I'd like to go there more times.

If it is spring, there is more fun.

Altought, we were so happy today.

I like the town.

I love my boyfriend.