Yogert against Hay fever and Pollen dust

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Mar 27, 2009 14:31
My friend he told me that he has hay fever resulted from pollen dust. I think he will suffer a lot from that at this time of the year since it is now spring.

Yesterday I got really good informations about this. It said that for people who is suffer from hay fever will get better by have some yogert or yogert drink everyday.

I told my friend but he said his stomach is also weak for milk, yogert, yogert drink......Oh my poor friend ..........^^''

Today I have talked with one of my college, she graduated from food science major. We are talking about the person that have problem with their stomach when they drink milk, eat cheese or any kind of food that contain milk as its ingredient. She said that, the body need to over come it which mean, even we have problem, we have to consume that and makes the body get used to it then your body can reset itself to coop with the problem. After sometimes, when you get used to that, there will no longer be a problem.

This is bc I come to think that people can get calcium and minerals from milk a lot which is mean really useful for your body to consume. Same case as the old people. They are going to need more calcium when they getting older and older. But how about if they have problem with drinking milk???

I hope that everybody get enough calcium......

How you guy think about this???

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