Hamamatsu matsuri 2

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May 22, 2012 20:29
It's passed ten days already from the previous entry... The thing is, I've been trying to upload the pictures of the festival in my hometown, But I couldn't take a SD card out of my digital camera,,, That let me down and lost me motivated to write a entry...
But! I'll get recovered!!

でも!! 気を取り直して!!

Well, I'd like to talk about doing at night of the festival.
In the late afternoon, the kite-flying contest finishes and we clean up and get home. We spend time to take a nap, take a shower and have some meal.
Then we get together around 7:00 p.m. again and the night program starts!
We pull with a float which is called ' Goten yatai' with children. 'Goten' means a big house or a castle. We walk around the center of the city and go back to each town with the float. It's very beautiful that the floats go by.


Some grown-up don't walk with the float. They go out called 'Neri'. I can't explain it... like marching in a parade, I guess. They walk around the town having lanterns. It's pretty cool that they're walking with the flag-bearer in the lead and some of them play the bugle. I join it after pulling the float, too. For your information, you can participate 'Neri' unless you don't have a lantern.
As I said in the last entry, this festival is originally to celebrate the first male births. We visit and celebrate the house which has a first baby and the parents serve some food and drinks. We visit a few houses a night and the festival is over at the middle of the night. This lasts three days.


Visit my hometown during the Golden week if you get a chance. I'll guide you! But I can't speak English so you can visit me after studying Japanese a lot!

もし機会があったらゴールデンウィークに私の故郷に来てください! 私がご案内します!でも私は英語を話せないので(笑)、日本語をしっかり勉強してから来てくださいね♪

Thanks for reading as always!

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