there are many wierd japanese names lately

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Jan 19, 2012 01:54
japanese TV showed that the Mr.'大熊猫(PANDA)' is one of the latest japanese names.

'PANDA' doesn't have any special meaning .that name means merely animal in china

many japanese people think that that name is so baaaaaaaaaaadddddd!.so parents regard your baby as a toy, not a human.

Example of other strange names.
it was named after 'POCKET MONSTER' .
this is sanrio character's name.
this means devil.

these names are called 'kirakira names' or 'DQN names'
kirakira name means a new name.
DQN name means fxxking name.

i wonder whether these strange names trend are similar to many other countries too.
Is this trend appears only in japan?

I think perhaps Mr.'PANDA' names will be mocked.
and it will be said 'hey!PANDA!Eat bamboo!'

plz many parents seriously consider that your baby will be happy in the future


plz rewrite my bad sentence