My mum and I were in Saint-Petersburg last month.

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Nov 17, 2013 19:29
My mum and I were in Saint-Petersburg last month. We stayed at a beautiful hostel, the name of which I can't mention as it would be advertising.

The hostel was like a small hotel. I took two floors in a big block of flats. It was the first time I chose this kind of hotels for my rest. Before booking I had studied all the information about hostels on the Internet that I could have found. Having read many reviews, I chose the hostel which was near by the Moscow Station. I didn't regret my choice. It is said that many people from different countries prefer staying there.

I guess you will ask why it is good. Well, firstly, you can easily get there on foot from the Moscow Station. Secondly, there are three metro stations around. What's more, it is almost the centre of the city. In addition, the hostel offers its visitors free tea and coffee. It will be cheaper to stay there that in any hotel, however, the service is great.

I was surprised that there wasn't any noise from our neighbours during my rest.