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Aug 27, 2012 03:10
This September will be a year that I have been learning English in the local language centre. What can I say about it? Well, I have a good teacher. She isn't a native English speaker but she has a great pronunciation and excellent knowledge of English. There are 5 students in our group - four women and a man. As the language centre is situated in the neighboring town I have to get there by bus. It takes me for about half an hour and 20 minutes more on foot to get from the bus stop to the centre. Sometimes it's very difficult to go learning English after work. However, I like spend my time on English. I prefer this language centre to other ones because the quality of education is high enough and the tuition fee is good.

Our teacher always tells us that we need to find a person who speaks English and try to repeat after him. It might be a movie with a person which we can find on the Internet. Two main points in learning English are "listen and repeat". You can't improve your English skills without these rules.

I speak English at home. I try to tell myself how I spent my day, for instance. Now I think I have a person to repeat after. I devised a new way to learn. I'll try to repeat after an English person and make a movie how I'm doing that. I hope it might be very funny and efficiently. How do you feel about him? He's interesting, isn't he?