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Apr 15, 2012 18:30 bowling children adults strike
I like bowling! This is an excellent game both for children and for adults! You can have a good time playing bowling with your friends and relatives. On Friday I rolled heavy balls down the track to try to knock down the group of pins.

Weight of balls for bowling is measured in pounds. One pound is equal to 453,6 grams. The balls are marked by some numbers which mean the weight in pounds (as a rule, from 6 to 16).

The lightest ball (number 6) has 2,7 kilograms in weight. The heaviest ball (number 16) has 7,3 kilograms in weight. As for me, I like to use balls with number 6 despite they are for children. Balls with the same weight have the same colours and I can easy find a necessary one.

A game consists of 10 frames. Each player can throw a ball twice in each frame. If a player knocks down all of pins by the first attempt, this throw will be called "strike". If a player does it by two attempts, it will be called "spare". I wish I never had the "strike"! However, I often knock down all of pins by two attempts.