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Apr 5, 2012 03:15 tea spirit refresh ancient legends Chinese the Hindu prince Darma China eyelids a cup of tea tea-plant
Tea refreshes a body, stiffens the spirit, softens a heart, awakens thoughts and drives away the sloth.

Ancient legends says that a tea-plant was known to the Chinese about five thousand years ago. According to the legend in 515 a.d. the Hindu prince Darma wandered around southern China in order to disseminate the Buddha cult. Most of time he prayed. Once upon a time his eyes closed since he was tired and wasted. Then he fall asleep. He was afraid of the deity's rage so he cut his eyelids and threw them to the ground. By some miracle an unknown bush with white, beautiful, sweet-smelling flowers and green leaves, remained of eyelids, grew. Darma tasted of them and felt cheerful.

Would you like a cup of tea, my dear friends? As for me I think I'll make some tea at once.