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Mar 30, 2012 13:18 relationships love
I don't like when somebody shouts at me, but if it happens, I try to drop my voice in order to a person can be calm. I'm not rude to the person, I always drop my voice and continue a talk. In the majority of the situations it works. However, as for my mum, I don't know how I can calm her down when she is shouting at me and she is annoyed with me for taking her favourite shirt, for instance. I suppose that only my dad can calm her down. When mum is very angry with dad about something she always shouts, but my dear dad knows the secret which allows him to calm her down quickly. He doesn't tell me how he manage to do it. He only laughs at me! What should I say...I can only congratulate him on a good ability to figure out his wife! It's a proof of the Russian proverb "a husband and a wife are one Satan" is truth. Maybe I can't translate this proveb correctly. I think it will be sound more natural if I say:"Husband and wife live the same life". Will it? In addition, I'd like to tell that I'm proud of my parents. And if you want to have good relationships with your dears you shouldn't tease people about their problems. If a person want to talk to you, he or she will tell you all.