Museum of Soviet arcade machines

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Mar 11, 2012 04:54 Museum childhood Moscow
Yesterday I and my friend visited an interesting place in Moscow. It was the museum of Soviet arcade machines. I think it's a paradise for people, who has grew up in the Soviet Union. It gives them a chance to come back in childhood.

We came in the museum, bought tickets and we were gave two plastic cups. There were fifteen Soviet coins with a face value of 15 copeck in each plastic cup. We threw the coins into the arcade machines and injoyed games.

I was surprised when I had seen the arcade machine of my childhood in the museum. It was a seesaw "Petushok" (Сockerel). You can see it on the third picture. When I was a child I liked to swing on it. And I swung on it again!

There were a lot of arcade machines, which I didn't know as I was born in the late eighties. However, I liked to play by them. Nowadays the museum has over 40 units, including the working ones!

I found at home some Soviet coins with a face value of 15 copeck and we used them for extra games. There were arcade machines with aerated water which was took Soviet coins with a face value of 3 copeck.

I want to thank owners of the museum!