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Dec 1, 2018 07:05
在State of Decay2,你需要找幸存者。大部分的人在这个世界是死。每个幸存者有一个不同技巧帮助团队。他们会帮助你生存和打击怪物。你的团队需要创建一个新的城市。

In State of Decay 2, you need to find survivors. Most of the people in this world are dead. Every survivor has a different skill to help the team. They will help you survive and fight monsters. Your team needs to create a new city.

zai state of decay 2, ni xuyao zhao xingcunzhe. da bufen de ren zai zhege shijie shi si. mei ge xingcunzhe you yige butong jiqiao bangzhu tuandui. tamen hui bangzhu ni shengcun he daji guaiwu. ni de tuandui xuyao chuangjian yi ge xin de chengshi.