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Oct 27, 2018 06:49
在Miami的中国餐馆,特别为午餐不好。总体来说,特价午餐的价格很贵。特别为午餐的尺寸是小。 特价午餐的时刻表是有限和不方便。在炒饭,它们用火腿 而不是鸡肉。

In the Miami Chinese restaurants, the lunch specials are not good. Overall, the lunch special prices are expensive. The lunch special's size is small. The lunch special schedule is limited and inconvenient. In the fried rice, they use ham instead of chicken.

zai miami de zhongguo canguan, tebie wei wucan bu hao. zongtilaishuo, tejia wucan de jiage hen gui. tebie wucan de chicun shi xiao. tejia wucan de shikebiao shi youxian. zai chaofan, tamen yong huotui erbushi jirou