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I am a hotel professional who works for Marriott International Hotels. None of this would be possible without foreign languages. Foreign languages have helped me see the world and make connections with people all over. I am glad to have websites like these that help with language learning.

My advice to others is to not worry about being perfect and not making mistakes. Identify what are your goals in language learning and go from there. My main goals in language learning are to be understood, to help me in my career, and to make connections with people. As long as I am achieving those goals, nothing else matters.

I am a Concierge in Las Vegas, USA and its because of foreign languages and hard work. I never would gotten to work in the hotel industry if not for foreign languages. For years I tried to get a job in any hotel, in any position but nobody gave me a chance. But once I learned Spanish, that changed everything as I finally got hired in a hotel in 2007...

Once I got in the hotel Industry, my next step was to become a Concierge. That took a long long time to do...Many years and languages later I finally became a Concierge in 2013. Becoming a Concierge in the hotel industry was tough, but I finally did it and I once again owe it all to foreign languages and hard work.

How do I study so many Languages? I only focus on the spoken part of the language and topics that are related to my job. Since I work in hotel, I will only focus on relevant topics that have to do with my job and that interest me. Writing and reading are important too, but for my career goals all I need to learn is how to speak now! So whatever your language goals are, focus on them and worry about the rest later. When starting a foreign language, it is best to not try and take on the entire language all at once. Focus on sections what you need first, then later on you can study other topics.

Why do I study so many languages? Because the competition never goes away. Other people can rely on luck and who they know to get great jobs...For me, I can always rely on foreign languages. I am ahead of my competition, and I am here on Lang-8 practicing to make sure it stays that way!

I owe alot to Lang-8 and Skype and all the friends I have for my career success. All the helpful people I've met on both of these sites helped me become what I am in my career. I would not be able to speak foreign languages with out their help. I am always on Skype and Lang-8 so if you have questions you can ask me anytime!

Skype: junong2014



The best way to reach me is through Skype, if you send me a message there I will receive it alot faster.

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Arabic Skype 40 العربية

أين كنت تعيش في الولايات المتحدة؟ Where in the United States did you live? ayna kunt taeish fi alwilayat al mutahida أستخدم مترج...
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  • Arabic 
Feb 21, 2019 07:08
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Russian Skype по-русски 431

У меня есть друзья во многих городах, но не в моем нынешнем город. Люди в Тампе плохо относятся. Не важно мне не нравится находиться вок...
  • 7
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  • 1
  • Russian 
Feb 21, 2019 07:06
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Mandarin Skype 577 中文

你在工作你遇见很多外国客人吗?你在工作最遇见外国人是什么?广东话和日文是很有用在你的工作?工作在Bellagio或Venetian etc, 允许我继续提高我的外语。 Do you meet a lot of foreign guests at work? What ...
  • 16
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  • 2
  • Mandarin 
Feb 20, 2019 08:41
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French Skype 59

Hier, Je pens que je vous ai dit la mauvais chose. Je voulais dire je vais manquer les belles femmes à Miami. J'ai l'habitude de...
  • 19
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  • 2
  • French 
Feb 19, 2019 16:23
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Russian Skype по-русски 430

Мне нравится горы, потому что они высокие и красивые. Воздух чист и Перспективы хорошо. Он должен был большой опыт, чтобы идете Мунку-Са...
  • 33
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  • 3
  • Russian 
Feb 19, 2019 07:10
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This group will help u alot with .knowing how to speak fluent swahili. you will learn fast than u...

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Testimonials from My Friends

hai I'm nadia from indonesia. nice to meet you,and help me to correction all about my assigment especially about english language,,,thankyou
Good luck man! I believe you will make it!)
Ты учишь сразу много языков?! Это круто!
i'm girl from Saudi Arabia. nice to meet you.