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May 27, 2012 23:11
Time flies,the near two years' college live has past,I would like to write something down to summarize my youth in this two years,which is a crucial phase of my life. I am a faliure with respect to my college entrance examination,precisely speaking,I am a loser in terms of some important entrance examinations,whatever highschool or university is.I am the type person who always hiding my drawbacks and weaknesses,even some wonderful thoughts,because I don't have any strengths to sustain my dreams and compete with someone who are superior to me,maybe I haven't found them so far.
But two years' college life has made me more positive and optimistic than my old myself,to be frank,I was so diappointed when I into college at begaining,why I can't get into comprehensive university as well as my classmates in senior high school,of course I made my effort during my high school.Now I realize that no matter how talents you are,how diligent you are,people only accept you unless you get a good result or make some achievement,I do not blame this phenomenon,it can stimulate people to work hard and never give up your hopes until you get these so-called good result.
During these two years,I did some parttime jobs,I past cet6,I have some good friends,the most valuable thing is I find my passion and direction,I hope I make difference toward my track,apart from what I get,I don't learn a talent such as dancing or singing,also I lack interactionss with girls,hehe,that is my pities.
Confidence is still a problem in the path of my growth.The world won't care about your self-esteem. The world will expect you to accomplish something before you feel good about yourself,BillGates said.