Mother's Day.

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May 13, 2012 22:16
As we all know today is Mother's Day,so do you figure out what presents will you send to your mom or say something you never said to her?
The Mother's Day is derive from western country,which is a holiday celebrated on second Sunday in May.Recently,it's also becoming a prevalent festival in China,because no matter what nationality you are,no matter what skin colour you are,no matter what age you are,we all have a common core opinion,which is we love our mothers.
Mother is the greatest woman througout evryone's life,it is she that who gives us life,it is she that dedicate her entire world to us,it is she that give us support and encouragement constantly whether we failed or not.I have a question for you,what is the most precious and everlasting thing in the world?Absolutely,it is mother's love.
Speaking from my experience,my family is a traditional chinese family,just like most of my classmates',comparatively speaking,I love my mom more than my father,you know,fathers are always strict and rigid in chinese hones,my mom is so common,she doesn't have a high education background as well as a attractive appearance.(But mother is the beautiful woman in her children's eyes)she is the first one who teaches me how to geyt along well with others,how to be a real human being,how to treat everyone equally.when I feel down she is also the first one who give me confidence,never underestimate yourself.whatsmore,I would like to use "plain"to describe my mother,who seldoms buy expensive clothes or go out for a gig day she told me that she will be most happy person in the world as long as I have a decent life and bright future.
Sometimes,I feel a little sad when I realized my parents are growing old,they have paid too much effort to me,however,I never done something make them pround.
I never told my mom how much I love her in that I am not a man who can demonstrate his affectin naturally even though my parents,all I can do is stdy hard to reward them and make them pround.
I love you mom.Happy Mothers' Day to all the mothers in the world