Bringing Up Bobby

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Mar 3, 2012 20:13

Hi. Here is my first entry.
I'm Japanese. Let's study together! :)
I want you to be my friends :)

Well I'll write about "Bringing Up Bobby" which is an American movie in 2011.
I watched it today.
The story is, simply put, about love between mother & her son.
It was a bit comical, but made me cry.
There is times when we must make a choice of life.
For her, it was to let her son live with her crime, or leave him for his happiness.
It's very sad leaving people we love the most, for each other life.
When I was little, I thought "Now" would last forever.
I thought my family, my friends & my every day were forever.
I didn't know it wasn't.
As I grew up, I learned that we have a different life & nothing lasts forever.

I have my life, & you have your life.
Sometimes it crosses, but it's different.

It's hard for me to describe my feelings in English
Anyway, what I want to say the most is, it's very very sad saying goodbye to people who we once thought we were together forever, or realizing that we are not together anymore with them.

I've felt this feeling when I saw Stand By Me.

I like this movie. If you've never seen before, I recommend you should see :)