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Feb 20, 2012 07:38 diary
My belief

As always, today is the day that I go to church. I don't know from when I started to have a service for Jesus a lot like my habit. Without sincerity and eagerness, I had a service today. I was disappointed by myself. After I came in NYC, my life style began to screw up. I am wandering as if a sheep loses its way. Once, I felt a quilty from my life but it doesn't any more. However incorrect my life is, now I can't feel. What is a fault? From which is it originated? I'd like to get back to my original life.

My relationship

If someone ask me what the most difficult thing is in my life, I definitely assure that it is relationship with people around me. Almost all people has a various character per each. Such a difference make me trouble and complex. I want to show my acquiantances in myself. I don't like hide me and deal with people artificially. Yet, my honest and true expression make rather hurt not on my purpose. That's why it is the most significant and difficult at all time. Who can solve this problem?