Judge Maria Afiuni

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Dec 1, 2012 06:35 Afiuni Venezuela UN Human Rights
It's amazing how Venezuela was elected as member of the UN Human Rights Council, when we have this case. Case that shows how evil is Hugo Chavez.

Eligio Cedeño is a businessman that was detained by Venezuelan government because was alleged currency fraud. The judge Afiuni did a conditional release order, because she don't had nothing to keep him detained, then Cedeño fled the country.

In 2009 Hugo Chavez said that judge Afiuni had to be in prison for 30 years because she did the conditional release order to Cedeño. What about the independent Judiciary?

(Minute 1:15)

For that reason, Afiuni was detained by intelligence service and was charged with corruption, abuse of authority and aiding an inmate's escape.

UN said that Venezuelan State violated the independence of the judiciary involved, that Cedeño arrest was unjustified and Afiuni arrest too.

Afiuni have cancer and she continue detained, now at home. Before she was in INOF -women prision- and suffered physical abuse. Recently, in a book about Afiuni, was announced that in 2010 Afiuni was raped in prision.

Human Rights defenders have asked for her release. Noam Chomsky sent a letter to the Venezuelan Goverment for that.

A woman innocent was illegally arrested. Received physical abuse and was raped, just because Chavez wanted that. Afiuni, she is the Chavez prisioner.

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