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Aug 5, 2012 14:32 Brazil Portuguese English People
Now I'm learning Portuguese languages and I'm focusing on that. Of course, I continue practicing my English everytime. I'm listening podcast in both languages (although more in English) and I'm reading blogs too, well I do this all time but I mean in English -and now in Portuguese-, but I'm reading more in English because in Portuguese I still don't find one -that I like it.

But one thing important of learn languages it's learn about culture. One thing important that some people need to do, it's focus in a country too. I mean that if you learn Portuguese you will focus in Brazil or Portugal -more countries speak Portuguese, I know it-, and this way with other languages/countries.

One thing important you need do when you are learning a language it's talk it with people in target languages. And in this thing, Brazilian people are amazing, these people can help you a lot. It's awesome how Brazilian can offer you them help for anything you want. They are disposed to correct you, help and tell some tips.

I received much help from people who speak English (From UK, Australia and USA). Here, I have been recieved much help in English, but isn't the same with other websites for learn languages. Although I speak about how much people. You will find amazing people who speak in English and help you much, but in Brazil you will find much people. So, again I'm talking about amount.

In short if you want to learn Brazilian Portuguese, you will have MUCH people to practice, receive feedback, and more.