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Aug 1, 2012 11:30 Thinking Langauge Practice Communicate Globalized English Portuguese
What you can do for don't forget the language you are learning? If you're learning one or two language you maybe don't have problem with that. But if you are learning languages as a hobby, and you want to learn a lot of language you would need found one way of don't forget it.

One thing I'm doing in last weeks is I do everything in my target language, righ now I'm doing all with a combination of English and Portuguese. I mean, I need think? (really?) Well I think in any of these language. I need search an information? I just search it in English. I need listen music? I just listen music in English, and when I found one in Portuguese that I like it, I will be listening music in Portuguese. I'm chilling and I want to watch a Youtube video? I search one in these language.

So I just use Spanish for communicate with people around me, and of course things I can't use another language.

I have 7 days per week, I can use one language for each day. Actually, I didn't have knowledge of that but I have as 3 Sundays where I just was using English, I read a lot of blog in English and I use this day for read that, and I search more in English and doing more things on this day than others. So, I now called 'My English day'.

I just want to learn language as a hobby, communicate with people in other language it's amazing. Or e.g happen something in any country and you know the language of the country, you can learn and know more about what happen because you don't need read in other language, of course in this world where all is globalized isn't common... but just think about it, you knot it!