Google and their new product / Part 3

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Sep 19, 2018 17:07 英文挑戰日記
I almost popped my clogs for rewriting this entry. This’s from an article written by LYNN. It’s so long that I separated it to 3 parts.
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Currently, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Baidu, leader enterprises in the AI field announce new technology and launch new service each month. By deep learning system, the artificial intelligence is changing human’s life at every moment.

Gartner, a research institute indicated that within 2 years in future, the result of this technical campaign will be revealed depending on the ability of data analysis on each enterprise. And this is a war for more than half number large enterprises all over the world.

Each company has been involved in this market and kept eyes on the newest development anytime. However, will this be a game of winner-taking-all, leading by leader enterprises completely?

As AutoML, the new product of machine learning, has been launched by Google in the Next Fair at San Francisco this year, the story script might be able to be rewritten.
●我寫到快死掉了 \ \>血<" 這是改寫自LYNN的文章,因為很長,所以我寫成三篇日記。

目前,在人工智慧領域中領先的四大巨頭分別為 Google、Microsoft、Facebook 與百度 ,每個月都可以看到這四家公司公布新的技術發展並推出新的產品服務。每分每秒,AI巨頭們都在使用深度學習改變你我的生活。
研究機構 Gartner 指出,未來兩年內,全球超過半數大型組織企業,皆需靠資料分析服務決勝;然而當各家科技公司更是摩拳霍霍、無不想搶進最新發展時,難道機器學習與深度學習的應用與廣大的藍海市場,將會就這樣通通由大公司蠶食殆盡嗎?

不過這一切隨著今年 Google 在舊金山舉辦的 Next 大會上正式推出新機器學習產品:AutoML 後,這個故事將開始變得不一樣了。

(文章出處: 作者: LYNN 2018-08-02)
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