Motivation of learning language

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May 6, 2016 02:13
I feel whichever language you want to learn,the most important element always is motivation.
For example, I like to read journey books.
I have read different kinds of journey books.
Some paragraphs from those books make me want to dig more information about that country. But there's limitation in translated text,so I start to search article which is written by original text.

The other hand,the distance of learning foreign language is also critical.
There's two kinds of distance,social distance and psychological distance.
For me, I feel remote with Japanese in psychological distance.
Maybe it's cuz I have much unhappy experience with Japanese rather than happy experience .
For example, talking with Japanese always make me awkward....haha I don't know why.

Although I still like read Japanese article or watch drama, it's not easy for me to speak Japanese somehow.