My favorite series West World(♡˙︶˙♡)

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Sep 16, 2018 13:32 美劇 佛教
The concept of West World(WW for short)is similar with Buddhism.
There's a concept in Buddhism, called "輪迴". It's a circulation of birth, live, death and being alive again in human beings. Memories will always be deleted in each time of circulation. And all of the life a man had once are called 前世. Buddhism believes every man has a lot of 前世.

Where human beings live is called"人間(the world of mortals)", and where we go after dead is called"煉獄(hill)".

In series, where robots be fixed and get clean up is like the hill of Buddhism, terrifying and bloody. Then they are alive again and again in the fake world without remembering anything.

They have been tortured many times so that they can become the one having ability to think consciously. Just like "修行" in Buddhism, a man must endure many types of difficulty so that they can "成佛".

To these robots, 成佛 is to become a human beings.