The reason of traveling.

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Apr 16, 2016 12:37 travel
Around 1years ago, I were about to graduate. I had been anxious for several of months, still tried to make it clear, the unknown and frightening future.
One day, I borrowed several of books, all of them is about travel. I started to read these books every night before I went to sleep. Fantastically, I felt a strong but tender power, it flowed gently through my emotion and mind. I felt relaxed and peaceful which was I had never had before.

Yes, it’s it. Travel.

It’s always my motive force to forward. I feel that no matter what I decide, the motivation usually is about travel. I want to live in another countries 6-12months separately. (live in different countries, each of countries 6-12months.)

My friends asked me ”when did you have this thought, want to live in another countries a long time? ”
Honestly, I involved myself in figuring out the reason, but still don’t remember what is the key, the point reason.

I remember I like watch ”Discovery. TLC. Animal planet”etc. since I was abaout 14. I had no much pocket money.(money from parents when I’m student.)
So I prefer to buy clothes rather than books or something relevant with knowledge.(lol)
But for unknown reason, I bought a DVD presenting Egypt.

Althought there is no precise reason, I only know that I do love treval.