Google and their new product / Part 2

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Sep 19, 2018 17:03 英文挑戰日記
I almost popped my clogs for rewriting this entry. This’s from an article written by LYNN. It’s so long so that I separated it to 3 parts.
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In general, there’s some difficulties and problems in practice while machine learning is introducing into an enterprise. For instance, there’s huge imbalance in supply and demand market of senior professional database scientist. Therefore, it’s even more difficult to SME(Small and Medium Enterprise Administration), because even they found someone they need eventually, they can’t afford it.

There’s few team like large enterprise who has deep pocket to afford a sumptuous team of database scientists who have PhD and deserve millions of annual salary.
●我寫到快死掉了 \ \>血<" 這是改寫自LYNN的文章,因為很長,所以我寫成三篇日記。


(文章出處: 作者: LYNN 2018-08-02)