Google and their new product / Part 1

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Sep 19, 2018 15:22 英文挑戰日記
I'm exhausting for rewriting this entry, but it's also glad for completing this. This’s from an article written by LYNN. It’s so long so I separated it to 3 parts.
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From chatting robot and AI financial management to machine translating, these’re the word you’ve heard constantly since few years ago about AI and machine learning. These topics occupied almost every media and became hot news all of a sudden. Some tycoons like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Baidu, IBM entered this field constantly. Moreover, Rengxun Huang, the CEO of NVIDIA, claimed that he’ll have company transitioned from display card field to artificial intelligence field, emphasizing the wave of AI generation is coming.

Cloud AutoML, a new product launched by Google in annually Google Cloud NEXT Fair. This product provides 3 categories of services, including Vision, Translate, Natural Language, is claimed that it will build customer for customized-machine learning model. In brief, what did problems in this Al field be solved by Cloud AutoML?
●我寫到快死掉了 \ \>血<" 但也很高興自己能夠完成這樣的文章。這是改寫自LYNN的文章,因為很長,所以我寫成三篇日記。

從聊天機器人、智慧理專、機器翻譯… 近年來時而聽到人工智慧、機器學習的相關消息,一夕之間這項技術攻占了各大媒體版面。不但 Google、Facebook、微軟、百度、IBM 等巨頭紛紛進軍該領域,NVIDIA 執行長黃仁勳亦宣稱將由顯示卡轉型成人工智慧運算公司,強調人工智慧浪潮的來臨。

Google 在一年一度的once a year Google Cloud NEXT 大會上正式推出新一代機器學習產品:Cloud AutoML,一次涵蓋了圖片辨識、翻譯、自然語言處理三大範疇,服務主打能讓企業快速擁有客製化機器學習模型的產品,這究竟解決了機器學習領域中的什麼問題?

(文章出處: 作者: LYNN 2018-08-02)