describe a famous person who you admire

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May 25, 2012 04:44

Ok, I’ll start the ball rolling by touching on the matter of who the person is, and I have to mention Steve Job, a person whose name made thousands of hearts adore as well as closely connected to a well-known computer brand-this is Apple.
Continuing then with the next point of why he was famous, and the thing that need to be highlighted here is his valuable contribution to science and technology as well as human. His invention opened the door of knowledge, brought a great step in the world’s development. Since the birth of personal computer, most sides of society were improved quickly and had significant impresses, especially economy and research.
Progressing to the subject of why I admire him, one thing needed to be understood is that his success isn’t the thing every one also easily touches. He became a billionaire but the benefits he created belong to not only himself but also the overall world.