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Mar 23, 2012 15:10

1. Do you like dancing?
Well to actual fact, in general I would say that I’m actually quite keen on art forms, but in particular I would probably have to say that I’m really into dancing, you know, things like modern dances such as hip-hop dancing. I guess the reason why I’m a fan of hip-hop dances is because they’re very suitable with the young. Moreover, the activity of dancing brings several advantages for people. First of all, people’s health can be improved significantly by dancing fluently. Dancing is the same to sports because it also requires you spending a large amount of energy. Thus we can avoid worrying about an amount of superfluous fat inside our bodies. Even if you dance every day, I believe strongly that you will have a perfect body and fit many clothes or short skirts which you dream day by day. Second of all, the activity of dancing also make you feel better, which means that it brings some benefits of psychology. After learning stressful lessons or hard works, with some slight moves of a dance I feel a new blood flow running my physic as well as spirit. To mix with music and dance we can forget any time being overloaded with works and have several minutes of interest and comfort. A good health and a fine spirit always cause us fostering our works as well as study. So dancing is also conducive to education.
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