Sushi roll

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Nov 27, 2017 10:42
I finally made sushi rice for thanksgiving dinner at our complex in Jakarta. Making sushi rice is complicating a bit. It's also difficult to get fresh sea foods here. If I want it I have to go to Japanese market. There were some packs of tuna at the market. But there were really small pieces, so I asked a store clerk to get a big piece of tuna about 500 grams. I wasn't sure whether it was possible or not. He then went to the backyard and brought tuna. It was a exciting moment for me and I knew that I can get sea foods anytime if they have in stock. I could get tuna about over 700 grams. I have to made sushi rolls for thanksgiving. I've never made it so far. I guess that most Japanese people don't have a rolling mat for sushi at home in Japan. Anyway, I tried to do my best and many foreigner enjoyed to eat my sushi roll. However, my sushi rolls were not perfect, I need to practice. I hope that I'll be able to make it like the sushi cook in Japan.