Denied my card

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Sep 30, 2019 14:27
In December, I'm going back to Japan to visit my family. We went to skiing in Nagano last year and my son was really happy for skiing, so that we've decided to go back to Nagano to do it. I found one of accommodations on an online booking site yesterday, then I wanted to make a reservation with my Japanese credit card. It was supposed to be no problem to book it. But the online site denied my card. The booking which I tried was last night, so that I had to wait calling in the morning. I had called a service counter of the card company. Eventually, I got why it happened. That was because AI at the company always score all of customer's transaction. If customer's score is lower than the boarder of authorization, they always stop payments. After that, customer immediately need to call the call center to get the permission back. Same kind of thing happened last year. As far as I know, it'll be supposed to happen for people who live in out of Japan. Anyway, I'm ok to pay by the card now, but the process was really annoying.
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