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Sep 4, 2018 11:35
Our rented house is old. The house was leaking two or three days before we moved here in June. The owner immediately had to fix this problem. Our estate agent and owner said that it's done everything now. Although, they didn't renew the roof, they just put something on the roof or actually filled a hole with something. Last weekend, it was rainy really hard. It then began to leak again. I guessed it might happen again. Because they didn't do enough job. The owner would have renewed the roof. The estate agent is sending a handy man today. We don't have to pay anything to fix the house, so they should be more seriously not to drop off money.
Hopefully, It's now a dry season. But It'll start a rainy season couple of month later. But we don't want to move out from the house. We like the house very much.