My mistakes on 17th January

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Jan 17, 2019 11:39
Below my mistakes today

1. tell over the phone
She forgot to bring my application even if I told her over the phone.
When we're asking her over the phone, she was in a hurry.
I had to cancel my itinerary over the phone.

2. intimate
I have intimate knowledge of computer.
She and I are intimate friends.
A human resources of my company warns my intimate relationship with my co-worker.

3. vulnerable
My employees made a vulnerable presentation.
His personality is vulnerable, so I gave him a chance to be confident.
By the way he has good looking and is vulnerable to temptation by women.

4. commitment
I had't had any commitment after I graduated University. But I have had many commitments to raise my son since he was born.

5. firm
I made a firm decision for my future. pleased
I'll be pleased to lend you my book.

7. get over it
I hope you'll get over it.

8. prevention
There is a net each bed for prevention of mosquito.

9. implement
My office implement a plan to eliminate the deficit by 2020.