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Sep 25, 2018 11:44
He needed to sign a confidentiality paper.

Samurai had their loyalty to their load.

When couples realize the difference of temperament, they often break up.

Entrepreneur is also required like-mindedness.

My boss has no generosity to my little mistake. He is stingy.

be jealous of
Being jealous of parter is ugly.

feel threatened by
She always feels threatened by someone's judgement.

have a lot in common
They finally broke up because they realized that they didn't have a lot in common.

put someones down
Brothers and sisters in childhood often put each other down.

fell out permanently
My parents don't get divorced but they fall out permanently.

be close to
She has wanted to be close to one of classmates since they're at the same class.

get on with
I get on with one of my colleague after discussing problems to our face.

be violent towards
A Big typhoon, JEBI, was violent towards Japanese.

My father was really temper and destructive.

compete with
My son doesn't like to compete anything with his friends.

A national untrustworthy health system is fallen apart.

Acton movies are dull for grandparents.

two faced
Many Japanese believe in blood type of AB usually has two faced.

dissuade someone from
I dissuaded my son from playing lego before his school bus arrives.

persuade someone to
I had to persuade my son to prepare for embarking his school bus which was coming instead of playing lego.
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