My mistakes on 16th January

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Jan 16, 2019 11:17
The below are English words and phrases which I made mistakes.

1. evaluation
Someone's evaluation makes me sad. Then self-evaluation must need for me. I should give me evaluation objectively all the time even if I make a mistake.

2. growth
An economic growth in China has reduced for years. Foreign companies in China have to consider their growth for 2019. The government will sift approve a new growth strategy in the country.

3. with frequency
I write letters to my new girlfriend with frequency. She stays at my home at night with increasing frequency. I clean the house with frequency.

4. barge into
One of my neighbor's dog barged into my way when I was walking outside.

5. deficit
A company announced their value has been deficit for 2015. The good point is that they deduct some taxes because of deficit. They need to think of exit plan from deficit.
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