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Jan 7, 2019 11:05
We have a cleaning lady in Jakarta. She usually works only weekday, from Monday to Friday. On our contract, she supposed to work one Saturday once a month. We checked the contract for her and she signed on it. I had't asked her to work any Saturday since she started working at my house, though. But I had to ask her to do it on Saturday last month. That means, it was the first time for her on that Saturday. She then came and worked on that day. I was shocked at the end of the day because she asked us to pay overtime via SMS after she got back home. My wife was really upset. Our cleaning lady also said that she didn't work today if we couldn't pay for overtime on the day. We later prepared cash for the overtime. But we're waiting to pay her until her requirement.
We've been really awkward with her since the moment. Today I was looking for a calendar that was on the table. I asked her where it is. She said that she threw it by accident that the new year starts. I didn't want to suspect her. But I really feel uncomfortable.