Long time no see !

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May 22, 2012 13:29
I was tired and bored yesterday. I had a headache. I had a toothache. I had a cold. Oh! I was tired. I wanted to sleep.
I didn’t like yesterday. Because I had a cold yesterday and yesterday’s homework was too many! Yesterday evening, afrer dinner, I went to the hospital, saw a doctor. Then, I went home. I played sports.
At 9 o’clock pm, I did my math homework and English homework. At 9:30, I ate two steamed breads. At 10:00, I took a shower. Next, I did my language and literature homework. I must to wrote a composition.
At 11:00, it was later. I took Chinese herbal medicine. Then, I have to sleep. I slept well yesterday.
Today, I feel better. I don’t have a headache. I don’t have a toothache. But I still have to wipe off snivel. I have more energy. I'm able to focus a little better, and those are important things.