Am I a masochist perhaps?  ~マゾってつまり負荷好き?~

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Jan 26, 2012 23:09
It was a one-on-one weekly lesson of Jazz piano today.

My teacher gives me much more homework and tasks than I expect would be possible to do every week.

Strange to say. I’ve never thought of it as a bitter experience.

I always make several mistakes, but today, I almost completed today’s homework & tasks.

So I expected he would praise me for my good work, which happens very rarely.

However, he scolded me ”Be more musical!”
He gets to the point!

Because always whenever I try not to make mistakes, I end up hitting the keyboard too hard subconsciously .

When I finished my lesson, he gave me a lot of presents that I could't possibly do.

Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to going to the next lesson!

And I may enjoy it as much as lang-8^^