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Jan 22, 2012 09:55
The communication process tries to establish an exchange of information between voters and candidates in order to create a political connection between them.
Communication strategiesused for the campaign are very important because a good or bad management of them could lead them to the success (winning elections) or the failure.
Some strategies may focus on: direct observation, mail and phone survey, personal interview and panel of voters and electors.
And some other consist on approaching to the homes a keep a direct contact with the electors, hear their proposals and the electoral merchandise (pens, lighters, calendars, candy, balloons, t-shirts, etc).

Election campaigns are competitive efforts made by candidates and political parties to obtain support from voters in the period preceding an election.

Candidates resort to a variety of techniques to attract voters, to capture the largest possible number of votes. Among the most common are:

The use of public media, through the electoral strip.
The paid media: newspapers, television, radio, and, increasingly, the Internet through new social networks
Organize rallies, marathons, lectures or any type of event.
Write directly to members of the public.
Browse urban centers, generally small, for a period of time.
Emphasize the negative or weak points of the rival.
Distribution of brochures or other similar means.
Public appearances, in which politicians try to be close to the people.

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